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2013 Thanksgiving Big Sale! $99!! Only 3 Days!
No warranty for the accuracy of product image or description.
Price $229.00

Anytime! Anywhere! Access your site has a Mobile Version? Are you sure you can be without it? Mobile version let your client visit your site at anytime! Make your website smaller, faster and better! Just for today, customize your Mobile Site/Skin!

2013 Thanksgiving Big Sale! Custome Single Mobile Skin (One Page) Only $99/!!!

For mobile site, we can do:

  • Use the most advanced frontend development technology, such as HTML5 and CSS3 to help your sites load rapidly.
  • According to features of mobile devices, we will design one set of skin which is suitable for mobile devices, such as iPads, iPhones tablets etc.
  • If you want to use one skin, there is just one protal. It's both compatible with desktop and mobile with the same content.
  • If you want to use two skins, there are two protals. You can choose different pages to show on the mobile protal. And create mobile protal pages $20/each page.
  • If you couldn't provide the psd source, we can do the design work for you, the charge is $100/page.

How to proceed:

  • Purchase this service;
  • Go to to creat a ticket to send us your request,including sample image or URL.
  • All communication during the project will in the ticket you creat.
  • After project finished, the file and instruction will be sent to you via the ticket.