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63006 Module Configuration Service-Dynamic Registration
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The “Dynamic Registration” module allows you to setup your DNN? Portal with dynamic registration fields, layout, questions, and other core integration options.

After installing your new registration system it’s easy to add or remove questions your users will be prompted for and allow the user to maintain their registration with these dynamic questions at any time.

Additionally, Dynamic Registration allows you to setup "Dynamic Events" during registration based on input from the user such as: changing user role based on input, sending an email to the user,redirecting the user to a different page based on input, executing custom SQL query, etc.

the Configuration services of this module we provide and some functionalities as follows:

Options for multiple filed types.
Integrate DNN Core fields.
setup "Dynamic Events".
Custom interface style.
Black list.
Custom password strength.
Configure e-mail verification.
Quick set up with Question Wizard.
Use the easy Drag / Drop function for quick layout changes.
Easily define email address as the username.
PayPal Payment Gateway - Dynamic Registration will now support PayPal including PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for all completion events within Dynamic Registration.

You can view Samples as below

Available icons  for adding new dynamic fields  
Support modifying registration information  
User Registration  
Display page1  
Display page2  
Display page3  
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