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63003 DNN Multiple Language Sites
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Price $10.00
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service in multiple language

Our service for building multiple language sites includes the following items.
We can use our own developed multiple language module to establish multiple language site on only one portal.(We focus on bulding sites in English and Chinese.)

Features: Static pages will display directly. It's simple and clear for users to view the site. We include online form which is convenient for users to fill and operate.
Note:$320. Up to 10 pages(including making the skins),Additonal work is $7/hour, ask us for a free quote.
A good example:

We can set up each portal according to each language. In this case, your site will achieve multiple language. (We focus on bulding sites in English and Chinese.)

Features: One enterprise has several portals. Each portal link between each other. We help you display your business websites by fully using this dynamic effect. Whenever one user glance at this site, he never forgets it.
Note:We give the quote based on actual conditions.
A good example:

Advantage and purpose for multiple language site:

Our goal is to help you increase business visibility and establish proprietary brands. We improve the product's market share in the community as we uphold the concept of promotion of business services.

We doesn't stay in the domestic market any more. We promote our enterprise to the whole world in order to fight for the world market. At the same time, we will connect our corporate culture with global. Let world learn about enterprise and know about China.

Our aim is to increase customer loyalty, fully show great strength and advantages of technology. In order to get more clients and satisfy our every client, we strive for high efficiency and high quality service.