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 60044 (Furniture Pack 4)  Product Information
Great for websites designed for interior design company/studio, fitment firm, decoration company. More Info
Size 225KB
Price $84.97
 60019 (Furniture Pack 2)  Product Information
Vertical menu.expands seamlessly in any direction when necessary. 11 Pane structures . A total of 7 skins,3 matching containers included . Change Tokens, Panes , Skin Design Company for free . More Info
Size 1163KB
Price $79.90
 60018 (Furniture Pack 1)  Product Information
Horizontal menu, expands seamlessly in any direction when necessary.Come with 4 colors, 20 matching containers included. 10 Pane structures. Five different skins —— 700 pixels, 900 pixels, a 100% width skin, and one with picture, one with flash. More Info
Size 1190KB
Price $79.90