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80099 Accordion
No warranty for the accuracy of product image or description.
SKU/EAN 80099
Price $60.00

Product Description

This module is specialized in designing to display content as Accordion style. Easy to configure and use, it is a good solution for you to display any kinds of content you want, like image, module, and etc.

Features Highlight


  • Display your content as an accordion, and it could display content with 2 methods, mouse over and click to display, and you will find 3 effects, easeslide, slide, and fade.
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New Feature in Version 1.0.0

  • User defined item and the content
  • Display content with 2 methods, mouse over and click to display
  • Default with 3 effects, easeslide, slide, and fade
  • Support all DNN versions

Module installation and configuration

1.After installation, you’ll see interface as below:
Please choose an effect in the SetConfig, and then click the update button to save.

Click Manage to add or edit the Item page, see picture below:

You’ll redirect to page below when you click Add button:
Title: Input the item title here
Type: You can choose the corresponding type, html or module
If you choose Html: input the usual html content;
If you choose Module: it will display as below:

Content of Item will changed to the content displayed in that module
Order: Set the Items’ order

You can upload mini skins to change the module style, and our Accordion module has several default style skins. When upload completed, it will show up the prompt message. If you upload it successfully, please go to the SetConfig page and finish the configuration. Then you will see the effect.
SetConfig: It used to module settings.
SetConfig page as below: