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60003 (Company Pack 8) Best Design 2007——Version 2
No warranty for the accuracy of product image or description.
Price $79.00
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  • All 8 colors are included in this skin package.
  • Two different skin widths in each color — 800 pixels and a full 100% width skin.
  • Admin skin in each color.
  • A new TopModulePane is added for any images or banner ads
  • A total of 32 skins and 16 containers — mix and match to create endless combinations.
  • Compatible with DNN versions 3/4, tested up to 4.5.1.
  • Compatible with Opera 9.10, IE 6, IE 7, Vista, Firefox 2, Netscape 8.1
  • Hand-coded CSS
  • Special menu effect for IE impressive visitors while keep compatiblity with other browsers
  • Free for previous purchase
  • Support by AllDnnSkins Life time Skin Free upgrade