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 80037 DD Menu Version  Product Information
More Info
Item Number 80037
SKU/EAN 80037
Price $20.00
 80031 Module Invoker(tabs)  Product Information
More Info
Item Number 80031
SKU/EAN 80031
Price $25.00
 80019 Ventrian Property Agent Import&Export  Product Information
This is an essential module for Ventrain Property Agent IE, and it could help you to import and export from Ventrian Property Agent module. More Info
Item Number 80019
SKU/EAN 80019
Price $40.00
 80014 Sales Module  Product Information
More Info
Item Number 80014
SKU/EAN 80014
Price $20.00
 80030 Blog Groups  Product Information
More Info
Item Number 80030
SKU/EAN 80030
Price $45.00
 80027 Visitor Counter  Product Information
A simple but powerful module, so flexible to configue.Alldnnmodule Visitor Countor can be used to track the number of visitors to each page on your site. You can get much fun by change the Template and Counter Style. More Info
Item Number 80027
SKU/EAN 80027
Price $39.00
 80008 Web Clip Module  Product Information
More Info
Item Number 80008
SKU/EAN 80008
Price $20.00
 80029 Flash Title  Product Information
More Info
Item Number 80029
SKU/EAN 80029
Price $20.00
 80017 Ventrian News Article Transfer  Product Information
Ventrian News Article module is great news module that a lot of DNN site use. Are you trying to copy the articles from one site to another site? Here is the solution: AllDnnSkins 80017 News Articles Transfer (Export/Import) module allow you to export the articles from one site to XML format. You can then import to another portal, or site. Version 1.00.00 Features: Export to or Import from different version of News Articles Export All news articles from one module to XML. Auto popup news article module within current portal Categories are saved, if Category does not exist in new module, it will be automatically created Author is saved. If the user is exist in the new portal, the article will be belong to this user. If the user does not exist, it will be set to Import user's article All Pages are exported and can be imported Creation date, Start date, End date are exported View Counts are exported IsFeatured, IsApproved, IsSecured, IsNewWindow are exported Features to be added in later release (All AllDnnSkins modules offer Free Life time upgrade) Filter Articles by Users Filter Articles by Categories Fitler Articles by Date Range Filter Articles by Keywords Export Comments Export Ratings More Info
SKU/EAN 80017
Price $30.00
 80025 Mini Login SkinObject  Product Information
Mini-Login is a new skin object for DNN that can replace the standard [User] and [Login] skin object. More Info
Item Number 80025
SKU/EAN 80025
Base Price $80.00
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