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AllDNNSkins Affiliate Program FAQ

Q) How do I sign up for your affiliate program?
You will need to become a registered user. After you signed in, goto My Business Profile under My Store. You will find the all the information you need to get started and supplementing your income.

Q) How much do you pay in commissions?
A) Affiliates earn 20% commissions of all purchases made via their affiliate link based on our affiliate scripts lifetime. You can withdraw your earnings from your affiliate account using Paypal.

Q) How often are commissions paid?
A) Commissions are paid upon your request after you earn at least 50$. You can make a request by sending us an Email.

Q) Do you offer any commissions statistics?
A) Yes. Once you've been approved for our affiliate program simply log into your affiliate account and check "My Referral Sales".

Q) How are my sales tracked?
A) Affiliate links contain unique identifiers allowing us to "cookie" anyone coming from your web site. Over 99% of all Internet users have cookies enabled in their browsers (less than 1% of all users have their cookies disabled). Once our cookie is set it's never expired. This means if someone came from your web site to one of our online stores, having purchased nothing but came back a few months later to make a purchase, you would still get your commission.

Q) Do I earn commissions on unique purchases?
A) Yes. You will get commissions of ALL purchases including website templates, logo templates, flash intro templates and all products we will launch in the future.

Q) I discovered that my commissions were decreased during 2 days after sale ?
A) If one of our online stores refunds a purchase you received a commission for, the commission you earned for that purchase will be subtracted from your commission earnings. Refunds can occur due to various reasons such as fraud credit card purchase, suspicious order, bank chargebacks etc.

Q) What do I do if I've lost my Affiliate Program password?
A) Use our password retrieval link to request lost passwords. We will email your password to you using the email address you've provided while joining our affiliate program.

* If you are US company, please update the SSN or EIN number in My Business Profile. AllDNNSkins.COM reserves the right to discontinue or change the referral commission at anytime.  Other questions please contact us.